Connecting Children with Knowledge XO

This is an email I delivered to the staff at my school today. Over the weekend an anonymous donor offered to match up to $2000 is we could raise the same for the XO Laptop Program. You see the deadline for buy on, donate one was extended until the end of December. I let the staff know about this yesterday and posted information to our Creek View School home page. It’s a long shot because we can’t really ask the parents for more money when they just helped raise 15,000 items for the homeless shelter and generously contributed gifts for 50 needy families in our community! I think it’s still worth a try and this note explains why.

Here is an update on the XO Laptop Project:

Tuesday we collected $200 from a corporate donor! 9 more like that and we meet our goal. We are trying to reach $2000 by Friday. Several students have also contributed their $2 already. If you can think of anyone you know who would like to be part of this meaningful project by making a contribution, please tell them about it personally. You may also pass along this letter if you like.

Yesterday I talked with many of you about an opportunity to supply laptops to students who without them would become forgotten children. I don’t know about you but the overwhelming nature of the problems plaguing the third world seems impossible to remedy. Think about what using the internet has done to change your own life. It helps you build and maintain connections. Imagine what it can do for children hungry not only for food but for knowledge. They can and will be able to reach out, to grow and develop their minds in a whole new way.

Our school will benefit in so many ways. If successful we become part of a Global initiative to improve education. That’s huge! Our students will be able to see and use the same laptops. Our school may be able to set an example for our cluster or even our county to follow in 2008. FYI, the Mayor of Birmingham is raising money to provide all students in his jurisdiction one of the XO laptops. This is only the beginning.

People want to give but they also want their money to make it to the people in need, particularly the children. The XO project selects and monitors school candidates and follows up on student progress to ensure the laptops are used by the students who need them. We really need to collect donations by Friday to process our order before the holidays.

I think when people feel they can make a direct impact on a child’s life by improving education; they will want to help out. Please spread the word. Every little bit counts, every dollar, every personal donation, and every corporate contribution. Together, we can make this happen!

Your friend,
Kathy Shields

PS I have asked my room parents to make my gift a donation to the XO project. I think I’m just going to feel better knowing that student-Sherpas in tents are studying via satellite on their XO’s. My life won’t change without a few additional scented candles or a Starbucks gift card.


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