Kindergarteners Design Virtual Snowflakes

Yesterday I was particularly happy to receive my Kathy Schrock update and a link to the Make a Flake website. Georgia kindergarteners have been studying patterns. I have been trying to relate patterns to just about everything we do including our multicultural holiday study of Kwanzaa. Just discover the Ashanti symbols and the patterns in Kente cloth and you will see how the ‘talking cloth’ not only tells a story it beautifully illustrates patterning in the weave. Armed with my snowflake discovery, I proceeded to the computer lab, demonstrated how to use the virtual scissors and the students were off and running! In fact there was tremendous excitement in the lab. “Look at mine, Ms. Shields!” I heard in a pattern that repeated like a chorus in a familiar children’s song. They could barely contain their enthusiasm. It’s one thing to organize some blocks on a table but when students were able to clip and drag etching intricate designs in virtual paper, a new world opened up to them. I quickly posted a link to the snowflakes page from our school home page and informed the other kindergarten teachers. The link is also a portal to Build a Bear although the advertising is very low profile. In fact my kids didn’t even notice it…yet. Thanks again Kathy Schrock for calling my attention to a terrific example of a math extension activity.


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