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Credit for Self Directed Learning

July 9, 2008

Kevin Honeycutt mentioned a movement building momentum in his jurisdiction. It cuts to the very heart of education. It affords teachers the opportunity to earn credit for self directed learning. What great incentive to continue learning. I hear “intrinsic motivation”. Watch Kevin this recent clip from the EduBloggercon at NECC08.

Here are some places to find out more about Kevin and his mission in education:

    Kevin also appeared on Women of Web 2 last night, a swan song for co-founder Vicki Davis who has garnered widespread recognition and praise for her Horizon Project. On WOW2.0 Kevin talked about his key ring idea and how he used the individual key tags in a training smörgåsbord where teachers collected them as they learned about them. It got the teachers very excited to learn and earn more tags for their key chains. Here is a picture from Flickr.