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Build Your Vocabulary by Feeding the Hungry

November 18, 2007

Sounds suspicious. Imagine saying to your class, “Today I will show you a way to improve your vocabulary and help feed the hungry.” Would your students be intrigued? What if you put them into teams of two, one partner on site and the other on working side by side?

What I like about this concept is the pairing of education, global community outreach and incentive for corporate sponsorship. I wish each word was worth an entire sack of rice because a grain at a time is like a grain of sand in an our glass. Think of it this way… If you pass this site on to your friends and the statistics indicate that it is an effective marketing technique, other organizations will follow the model in turn creating a powerful impact. I think this model is a step in the right direction.

The vocabulary enrichment aspect may also have an impact on people. Culling through the words you may find a wonderful new word! For example are you familiar with the word capricious? It means whimsical! The entire English language may get an infusion of wonderful forgotten words. Wouldn’t that be a capricious development? Words found only of the SAT may find their way into common speech.

It starts with one word “FREE” and one grain of rice. Pass it on.