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Virtual Life

April 24, 2009

I subscribe to several hundred educational blogs and scan them once a week. Sometimes my subscriptions lead to various invitations. I receive frequent announcements about live webinars, virtual conferences and opportunities to tour virtual worlds in education. It seems the word if the year for 2009 will be VIRTUAL. Virtually everything that involves communication other than doctor appointments can be done virtually; and the virtual doctor is just around the corner. Just how far will virtual reality go and what will be the pros and cons? How will it change our collective connectedness? Will it improve learning and hamper interpersonal f2f skills? I will be adding some virtual resources soon.


The Delightful GoGoFrog

January 29, 2008

Create a virtual world for your club, committee or school using this simple yet engaging tool. See what you can do with it and share your experience. How could gogofrog be used in the classroom? Might it act like a 3D Ning? It’s new and has limited features but sometimes keeping it simple is the key to actually using and maintaining a site. I discovered it by listening to Making Connections tonight with Cathy Evanoff. I may make this my WOW of the week when I sit in for Jen Wagner this February, or perhaps I will surprise you. Wait ‘n see next Tuesday evening from 9-10 on Women of Web 2.0.

So Jen, enjoy your break. Your lovable personality and irrepressible wit will be missed!