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Jeff Giddens Super e-Sleuth, Uncovers Over 350 Visualization Resources

November 18, 2007

Remember when you were small and your brother/sister used to tickle you until it hurt? Well I was so tickled by what Jeff had to say in his GaETC workshop that I begged him to continue filling my brain with new concepts even though it grew nearly painful to find places to store all of his wonderful ideas.

Jeff shares the authorship of the SEGA Tech blog. He and his cohorts provide educational technology support for Southeast Georgia schools from elementary to higher education. I attended Jeff’s GaETC workshop entitled, Seeing is Believing: The Power of Information Visualization. I consider myself to be a fairly savvy user of educational technology tools and frankly the GaETC held little mystique for me. Having met Jeff at a previous conference I suspected he would be able to deliver rich content and offer concrete examples of how technology can enhance student engagement, learning and skills. He didn’t let me down.

Jeff has an affinity for science and technology. His expertise is particularly poignant on the subject of science technology integration in middle and High school. I could not even begin to enumerate the best practices he bequeathed at this workshop so I give will pass on one suggestion. Subscribe to his blog SEGA Tech and spend some time reaching into the recent past by reviewing his archival posts. Oh, and one more thing … Make sure you have delicious in your tool bar so you can expand your personal set of technology resources exponentially!