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Podcamp NYC

May 2, 2008

I have a number of posts in the cue. They reside in the draft folder. This is true for my post on Podcamp NYC08. I attended and facilitated one session at Podcamp NYC last weekend. Chris Penn, the Podcamp Boston originator opened the unconference and a number of volunteer coordinators managed the event including Whitney Hoffman and John C. Havens. In sum I think I made some inspirational connections and I think a few people feel they picked up useful tips from my session. I will update this post to include a list of my new contacts, their podcast/blog URLs and some helpful tips to would be podcasters from my new friend Brad P. so don’t be too surprised when the long awaited RSS feed drops into your aggregator. I plan to make some headway this weekend.

If you are a teacher then you know how time accelerates in the last few weeks of school. You begin to wonder how you can possibly get everything done in such a short window of time. Ughh, exhausting isn’t it?


Small Voices Has Small Simeon Friend

March 7, 2008
Yesterday I received a brief missive from my small Simeon friend HiMonkey to my podcast site small voices. The little terry cloth critter commented on one of the cooking podcasts I helped my students produce in the Fall. One my student-groups used his Panda Cupcake recipe.  Since then HiMonkey has sent a stream of his fans to savour the fruits of his influence. My students were delighted with his recipes and the humor found on his site. Thanks HiMonkey for alerting me to several new unsavory comments that were spammed to my podcasts. I have removed commenting but people may still email me via podomatic. It’s nice to know that small voices has a small friend looking out for them!
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5. i believe that sharing snacks and laughter is the key to world peace.
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le singe est devant les flures.
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TwinF Inspires Planning for New Year

December 26, 2007

I happen to be a big fan of the Le Fever commoncraft videos. Perhaps you share my admiration for the couple who started a company selling ‘explanations’! You know about commoncraft videos, but have you heard how Lee and Sachi planned and executed a year long journey around the globe? I just finished listening to Vann Black’s podcast,

Amazing Adventures Podcast #1 – Couple Backpacks Through 29 Countries in One Year

published December 16, 2007.   (I also subscribed to Vann’s blog, containing many cool travel adventures.) I was inspired by several things. First, Lee and Sachi have synchronisity. I define this as the uncanny ability to be of one mind over an extended period of time pursuing a common goal. (I just couldn’t find the definition I was seeking so I made up my own.) Second, they are willing to make financial sacrifices in order to achieve their goals. And third, they use the web to build meaningful global connections by initiating dialogs and letting people get to know them personally. It seems to me these three things make for not only a healthy New Year’s resolution but they embody a unique set of 21st century values.

So why TwinF? The world is not flat. This is the title of the Le Fever travel blog. Get inspired, Listen to the audio podcast by Vann Black.