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Learning is an Adventure

July 9, 2008

Imanges from Flickr
Konrad’s observations
Sharon’s observations
Konrad Glogowski and Sharon Peters are part of Teachers Without Borders on a trip to South Africa and Kenya. I am following their journey and living vicariously through their blog posts. It is a virtual adventure for me!


Something I didn’t know about Dipity

May 13, 2008

Dipity is a multifaceted timeline creator available to everyone online for free. You can make personal timelines from your blog posts, flickr images or create them from scratch. Jen Wagner pointed me to one posted recently by David Jakes. You can view it here:
Until I looked at this project I hadn’t realized that Dipity timelines could be embedded. Some many cool web 2 tools like widgets can be embedded I think it’s safe to assume that most new tools are being created for that very purpose. From my perspective it lets me know that I should do a better job familiarizing myself with all of the features available in new tools. So many tools so little time!

Check out this example of Ribsy by Beverly Cleary

Listening to a New Voice, Springs Alive Uganda!

March 30, 2008

It is with great pleasure I announce the new blog, Springs Alive Uganda. As many of you know I have posted several times about my friend Martin Sebuliba and his vision for peace, wellness and education for the disenfranchised children of Uganda. Martin has limited access to theSprings Alive Students internet due to the high fees charged at internet cafes and the lack of electricity and no internet signal in his rural village. I offered to set up a blogger account for him so that he and members of his community could type off-line and then simply make their posts quickly and inexpensively when convenient.

If you use the internet regularly as I do, then you will understand how time consuming it can be to try and figure out how things work, or even to do research online. By providing technical support I can be an advocate for Springs Alive and I am blessed to be able to help. Martin is working on creating a logo representative of his community and their goals which begin with the children and feed into a larger picture of a healthy, self sustaining community in the future. They will need lots of support to make this dream a reality. Track their successes and struggles by listing the Springs Alive Uganda blog on your blog roll or by subscribing to the feed. Your comments and questions will be welcomed. You will witness firsthand the hopes and dreams emanating from a small village in Africa. Tell everyone you know, you are listening a new voice!


October 15, 2007

Turn the pages with a click of your mouse and listen to the scrunchy, scratchy sound of slipping over to the next page. If you have your speakers on people will assume you are reading the paper or a crisp new magazine. If they guess the later they’ll be right. DMW Daily reported in May 2007

“Larstan Publishing Launches Blogger & Podcaster Magazine
Submitted by Mark Hefflinger on May 3, 2007 – 2:48pm.

Potomac, Md. – Looking to target the ever-growing population of serious bloggers and podcasters, Larstan Publishing said that it has launched a new monthly trade magazine, believed to be the first publication to launch simultaneously in print, digital and podcast formats. “

It’s really something to experience. You get the sights and sounds you expect from a magazine but you also get the unexpected. Listen for the voice of the editor. You can take that literally. The ezine has audio clips built in and you control what you see and hear. Zoom into cool images and admire the artistry or just zoom into the text. I like it.

The subscription is free but the content is invaluable. The ads are well targeted and relevant. No commission here, just a plug for a company who seems to be doing something well. Now I must read 7 Steps to a Better Blog, page 26!