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A Few Predictions for 2011

January 3, 2011

Most predictions anticipate some kind of change and elicit an ‘ooh ahhh’ response. I, on the other hand, say, “Prove me wrong.” about some of these statements because I am quite sure they WILL NOT change this year.

By the close of 2011 we will still…

all have a spaghetti mountain of different power supplies for various devices, none compatible. (Come on, doesn’t this bother anyone else?)

be paying more for data plans on phones than we do for the same access at home. (2 year plans, please, we are like hostages to these companies.)

be more tech equipped at home than at school. (Hmmm, do we need more gadgets at school, or maybe just standards web access, yes that would be nice.)

not be a paperless society despite the growing number of web apps. (Copies = Work?)

be faced with a rising cost of living and more job insecurity. (Teachers job security based on student test scores. Do you think the students will feel the heat?)

not care if people can talk in holograms. (Please, I would rather have mag-lev skateboards and that was just pie-in-the-sky)

be wondering if climate change is actually occurring based on local weather anomalies. (It was so cold this winter!)

find people who have landlines. (2 people, 3 phones?!!)

wonder why people haven’t joined Facebook. (Identity is stronger, not weaker when you own one.)

add more tests to make sure students are prepared to pass more tests so teachers can keep testing, I mean teaching!

more and more talk, less and less action when it comes to educational reform.

Have you noticed anything that should change but hasn’t changed in years? Feel free to add it in the comments section.