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Welcome Friends!
Thank you for visiting the rippling pond. The name rippling pond is a metaphor for the power of ideas. I’m an elementary school teacher in Georgia, USA. I am very interested and engaged in learning about the impact of technologies on educational delivery and on student achievement. In my 5 years as a kindergarten teacher I experimented with podcasting, a Promethean, interactive whiteboard and student blog posting. I also had and still have for my third graders a class set of Alphasmart Neos, portable keyboarding devices that connect via USB to the computer.

My Little Cairn, Missy

My Little Cairn, Missy

I attended the first podcamp Atlanta and 2 podcamp New York’s. I presented my experiences with podcasting and how to incorporate web 2 tools into the classroom. I also presented at NECC07 which was held in Atlanta, GA. Perhaps we’ve met! In my school, I started as a computer lab assistant before becoming a classroom teacher. My year in the lab helped me to perceive the wide range in abilities and experiences with technology among children in grades k-5. It also gave me insight into the value certain technical tools can have in motivating and inspiring students to achieve.

I joined the World Bridges network and learned about webcasting. I participated in a weekly EdtechTalk webcast called Women of Web 2. I listened to many EdTech professional development podcasts via iTunes. In short I did everything I could think of to maximize my experience using the internet as a communications medium. I am my school’s webmaster and prior to teaching my background included technical training and high tech sales. I also earned a certificate in Computer Graphics from Parsons school of Art and design in NYC.

There is a school dear to my heart called Springs Alive Children’s Centre in Uganda. I have found a friend in the Chairman of the organization, Martin Sebuliba Victor. He has shared with me his successes and struggles to maintain quality of life and education for the children. I helped him create a wiki and a blog for Springs Alive. As of 1-09 I have not discovered a way to create a school:school relationship with him but for anyone interested in pursuing a rewarding venture between your own school and this very special place in Uganda I urge you to contact Martin. Links available on the wiki or blog

I have an overactive brain and this blog gives my husband, kids, friends and co-workers a much needed brake from my rants and obsessions! LOL! I welcome your comments and criticisms.

Your friend,
Kathy Shields
My Classroom Website
My Student Blog
aka sendkathy or ripplingpond
Alpharetta, GA USA

2 Responses to “about the author”

  1. Kate McKenzie Says:

    You kindly sent me a comment on my website. For some strange reason I can’t send it.

    Anyhow, just to fill you in – I run an educational consultancy working with schools, colleges and councils to shape their thoughts on learning for the future before they get capital investment. Am also involved with RSA education charter, Bristol think tank (a collaboration I run with Bristol University School of Education, FutureLab and my company Mouchel) to join up academics, practitioners, consultants to generate debate and learning. Also interested in virtual organisations and e-leadership.

    What do you think of the e-futures folks?

    Am going to check out your recommendations of edubloggers.

    Do stay in touch – think your website is brilliant!

    And thanks for passing the garden blog on.

    PS I too suffer from over active brain syndrome….maybe we need joint blog for that!

  2. Shiela Says:

    Hi Ms. Shields,

    I’m an avid fan of Weebly too and came across your website when it was featured on Weebly’s homepage.

    I’m currently teaching English as a Second Language in Taiwan. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a pen pal exchange with some of my students and your third grade students. I have some ideas in mind in terms of what to send some of your students to introduce the country of Taiwan. Would you be interested? Please email me. I can’t seem to find a contact form I can access so I will have to post on your blog. Thanks and I love your classroom websites!

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