Refrain from Critical Thinking

Too much critical thinking may cause you to crash and burn in your teaching career. Think less and enjoy life more. Teachers learn to over analyze everything and everyone to the point of exhaustion. Like too much sun soaking up every drop of moisture in a sponge, STOP drying out of your own thirst for learning, trying to become less “critical” in your self reflection. Each complaint, like a drop of oil in the sea collects with the other droplets and forms an oil slick.

By now you should know that my purpose for writing is persuasive and my goal if to convince you that less is more when it comes to being critical. I say this for your own good. I am speaking from first hand experience and extensive casual observation both on and offline. Teachers, we are too hard on ourselves and we are our own worst enemies. The very nature of our job has made us experts at finding fault.

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.
Groucho Marx

Leave it to the politicians to get involved in correcting our educational system based upon our own contemptuous complaints. Did we turn the gun on ourselves? I say, hold your fire and start singing another tune. Personally, I love teaching and I love my students. I don’t plan to invite anyone under my microscope of self recrimination and I don’t think you should either. Less self “critical” thinking = bliss.


One Response to “Refrain from Critical Thinking”

  1. Edit Ostrom Says:

    Hi, Kathy,

    Loved your post! Loved the Groucho Marx quote too. I know you can be very critical of yourself, but not all teachers are like that! Let the laid back, lazy ones be self-critical.
    By the way, I first thought that you were going to write about critical thinking skills in students but it turns out I was wrong. Teaching critical thinking is one of the most difficult tasks. I hope “critical thinking” won’t educate future politicians of the kind that Groucho speaks of! 🙂

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