Education or National Healthcare

When people are sick they go to the doctor and when they need education they go to a teacher. The difference lies in the treatment plans and the way we pay for these services. Healthcare is considered by some to be a right, just as education is. Well for those who think a national healthcare system would guarantee that right, think again. If education, a long standing right can go down the tubes then so can healthcare.

The economic storm has caused the levy to burst open and monies funding education have spilled uncontrollably down into a deep chasm forming what amounts to an abscess festering like an untended wound. It is too raw to heal without help. If only you’d been able to buy educational insurance maybe your child could be guaranteed the education they deserve. Unfortunately no such options exist.

With all the fuss about the healthcare crisis and all the debate about insuring the uninsured and making healthcare available to everyone it seems to me, the whole preventation has been overlooked. Education is all about prevention and therefore I would like to state that without adequate education our society will be too sick for ANY kind of healthcare system to redeem.

Now what? We grasp for purchase in the spinning vortex of political rhetoric. It is sucking the life out of education, public safety and the general infrastructure of society. I think the only thing national healthcare can offer the public now, is unlimited refills on pain medication to make our economic future more palatable. Put your money where your mouth is, US Government, and stop telling us that we need to accept your bitter pill of healthcare reform. No amount of healthcare will stem the education crisis, and without education what hope do we have for an employable workforce or a viable future? EDUCATION IS OUR BEST PREVENTATIVE STRATEGY. EDUCATING OUR CHILDREN IS OUR BEST INSURANCE POLICY.

For a well researched comparison education and healthcare models refer to this post


2 Responses to “Education or National Healthcare”

  1. Edit Says:

    Hi, Kathy, so I gather you are against the new health care bill. I have to agree with you based on my 30 years of experience in 2 countries where health care was considered a right. I grew up with that notion. I would not say that health care “over there” was bad, but then again at the time I did not question much and I had NO IDEA what health care could be. When I came to the US I was blown away by the quality and luxury of care, and the general availability of it. It was a relief not having to seek “connections”, friends who knew the “best” doctors, and not having to give money “under the table” for service. Things that are “free” tend to become scarce and will eventually have to be rationed, which in turn will lead to bribes. I would hate to see this happen in America.

  2. ripplingpond Says:

    Edit,Thanks for sharing your observations. It isn’t so much that I’m against healthcare as I am for education. Prevention of disease, crime and failure comes in the form of education and I am all for creating a more adaptive, responsive and productive educational system to support our future generations.

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