Are you a closet organizer?

I am sitting in a session with the notable Bernajean Porter who is expertly guiding a small group of 30 or so Fulton County teachers to a new understanding of tranformative learning I have had an epiphany! Ms. Porter has devloped a grid for understanding a hierarchy learning and it occurred to me that most of us are or have been closet organizers! Ask yourself this question… Have you ever used technology as the hanger and the content as the articles of clothing students hang up neatly in their closet of knowledge? I realize this is a very personal question but I think if you’re honest with yourself you’ll find that because of the standards and content requirements we are all expected to deliver in a timely fashion, we often take out the content and hang it up on the technology hangar and make sure it is neatly organized, even color coded in the closet! That’s is, from now on, my kids are going to take out their content and display it in many different forms, venues and truly express their appreciation, passion and new ideas generated in openness. Bernajean insists that higher order learning will lead to higher standardized test scores. What do you think?



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