Surfacing for the Moment

This is week 3 of school and I don’t think I can hold my breath any longer. I am bursting with enthusiasm for my new 3rd grade students. True the work load is something of a challenge but they make it all worthwhile.

I am valiantly trying to establish a basis for which to launch our penpal projects. Today was the perfect segue because a cooworker who taught as a volunteer in Kenya this summer visited our classroom sharing both photos and stories based on her first hand experiences. My students couldn’t wait to write.

I am still managing the school website in addition to my teaching duties and although it’s not what I would like it to be, considering my limited time, I like the direction our new admin is headed with the use of technology to communicate with parents. More about this topic and how we are saving paper, spending less and getting parent engagement.



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    […] reading Surfacing for the Moment by ripplingpond, I can’t wait to be a qualified teacher and have my own class. I am thrilled […]

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