Guess the Wordle

What is a Wordle, you ask? It’s a word cloud generator developed by Jonatahn Feinberg capable of captivating the imagination of millions. Jonathan has provided a wonderful playground for people interested in exploring imagery using any available text either copied or original. Typed or pasted words become beautifully colored landscapes in a matter of moments.

Guess the Wordle

Guess the Wordle

So what does this have to do with Guess the Wordle? The link between the two comes in the form of a creative individual who confounds the old axiom, “actions speak louder than words” by acting with words in the form of Guess the Wordle. Jen enlisted my help and together we have generated a boat load of curriculum linked content and turned them into problem solving sponges for the classroom! School is not in session at the moment, here in the USA but teachers have already started to get in on the fun of solving these Wordle riddles. There are three levels of difficulty and Jen posts then 3 times a week starting with Level 1 on Monday, Level 2 on Wednesday followed by the ultra challenging Level 3 on Friday. A Google Form is embedded below the image and you may enter your guess. Answers are posted the following day except in the case of Friday’s challenge for which you have a little more time to solve the problem. Answers are posted Monday mornings along with the new Monday Guess the Wordle.

How does this link to the classroom? As it turns out, the problem solving skills used to classify, group and align commonalities between the words in each image may help to develop or sharpen critical thinking skills in users. They also enjoy creating their own. Here’s a tip: I once used wordle to show students which words were most prominent in their persuasive essays. It was revealing.

I could go on and on but why not see for yourself. I will tell you this, Monday is easy (for adults), Tuesday is tricky but Friday, may ruin your weekend! LOL, Hopefully not, but prepare to be challenged!



3 Responses to “Guess the Wordle”

  1. JenW Says:

    Smiles —
    You know, I never thought of the extra time extended to the Friday wordle….smiles, should have. 🙂

    Just a quick change — the answers not posted the next day — but are posted also on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

    Well for now……because this has become so much fun – -and usable….I am thinking of doing it MTWThF — smiles, but we shall see. 🙂

    Still thinking of the WHAT IS MISSING WORDLE for Thursdays and song lyrics for Tuesday.


  2. Kathy Shields Says:

    Thanks for the clarification I am looking forward to the ‘What’s Missing’ Wordle.

  3. Wordle | literature reading Says:

    […] just read the blog “guess the wordle” by ripplingpond. I have come across wordle before, but haven’t ever explored this website, or contemplated […]

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