Everyone Has a Space in the Cloud

Day in the Cloud It’s a contest, it’s promotional, but it’s also a great way to learn about Google Apps which I think everyone should be using. You may also win a year in the sky with Virgin! I just don’t see any down side. Participate, learn and have fun. Even if you don’t win a prize you have earned your space in the cloud and that’s worth holding onto.

This clipmark comes from a promotional piece encouraging the world to participate in The Day in the Cloud Challenge. It’s Google Apps meets Virgin Air, no purchase necessary!
clipped from www.dayinthecloud.com

When you check your email through an online program like Gmail, you’re using the cloud. When a company uses web-hosted software to track its customers and sales, that’s the cloud. And when you send friends a link to vacation photos stored in an online album, your pics are living, yep, in the cloud.

No more installing software and saving files on your computer. You can just log into your Google Account and access your info from anywhere.  Every computer, in a sense, becomes your computer. And everyone has their own space in the cloud.

So maybe it’s a little like Jack in the Beanstalk after all.

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