Tony Vincent UStreams Fav iTouch Apps

What can I say? I have taken a bite out of the apple and I love the flavor. My recent acquisition through competition of a MacBook and iTouch have me riveted to the keyboard or touch screen. I found Tony’s uStream post a valuable starting point in my quest to find potential education-related apps. The Free apps I am most likely to show other people who have never seen an itouch are:
touch physics lite
Your Rights
ComicTouch Lite
Airport Lite
Google Earth
I haven’t really purchased any apps except for Classics because I wanted to see how the iTouch would work as mini kindle. I was impressed! I did join an iTouch ning, Here is the NECC link to another iTouch ning for educators. It’s summer time and I have lots to do outside of the computer! What’s your favorite app and how do you think it could be used in the educational arena?


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