Machinima: Content created using video footage from 3D virtual worlds.

Marianne Malmstrom or the Knowclue Kid as she’s known in Second Life has been exploring the use of virtual worlds and student created machinima at the Elisabeth Morrow School in New Jersey. She is using machinma, long used in the gaming world to demonstrate techniques, as a way to involve and to serve a wider audience of students who might not have access to Second Life experiences within their school settings.

The Knowclue Kid

The Knowclue Kid

Follow this link to view the example and explanation she posted which fascinated me. It will take you to Don Tapscott’s, NetGen site which alone is worth your time to explore.

Machinima opens up a new layer of educational content creation from teacher assisted explorations to student recorded journeys in learning. This is what I have been visualizing as a key component in the future of web-based educational content, and I’m glad it has arrived! I have been introduced to Second Life by a very experienced traveler who knows all of the ins and outs, highs and lows and tricks to avoid embarrassment for 1st timers! It’s very captivating, engrossing and demanding. I’m just not ready to live in that world…yet or possibly ever. On the other hand, the 3D multimedia experience is so rich that it should be shared as a time independent component of the classroom. A student could also record their own experience in a virtual world and replay it for themselves, retracing their thought processes in a learning environment.

Would this get old too? Is every possible avenue for learning traveling a trajectory toward extinction?


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