Films-on-the-Fly Offer Exciting Challenge Using Mobile Device

films_on_the_fly My iGoogle home page has several 100 blogs feeding the Google reader stream. So it isn’t often that I get past the first 5 most recent posts before becoming lost in space. Some posts lead me through a labyrinth of new sources of information causing every avenue in my brain to shimmer as mini light bulbs ignite my neural pathways. My thoughts are racing and ideas popping.

Today, a post by Wes Fryer captured my attention. The March 18 post covers his recent Films-on-the-Fly mobile-video-win. Congratulations! I love this concept. You sign up to participate through KOCE-TV PBS in California, and just hours before the contest begins you receive a secret story text message. You must act fast and be creative with your resources in order to produce a powerful 2 minute video on the texted topic using only your cell phone. Afterward, you post your video masterpiece to youtube.

What do you have to lose? Enter the next contest, it’s global! All videos will be tagged with the secret tag and voting for the winners will take place on youtube, Earth Day April 22. What do ya wanna bet the secret story has an Earth Day slant?

I wonder, could I do this on a small scale with my own students? I could ask their parents to allow them participate and then have the videos posted to my Teacher Tube account. It isn’t blocked at my school. Hmmm. The process is quite educational. It consists of communicating a concept in a multimedia project in a limited time frame, using limited resources. Students would have to make an impact on the viewers.

Check out Wes’s post and see what the winners produced for Pi Day. You may learn something!


3 Responses to “Films-on-the-Fly Offer Exciting Challenge Using Mobile Device”

  1. Wesley Fryer Says:

    So glad you learned about FOTF from that post! It really is a great idea, and so much fun! Certainly a great project idea to do with students. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Janet English Says:

    I’m glad to hear of your excitement for Film on the Fly! (Thanks, Wesley!) We’re having SO MUCH FUN and would love for you and your students to join!. If you don’t want to submit students’ phone numbers, just provide yours and they can make videos from your text message story prompt. We’ll be posting videos to both Teacher Tube and You Tube for the Earth Day contest, so the content will be available for viewing at schools. Sign up at

    By the way, I LOVE your writing style! You are fabulous and because of this post, I am a fan of your writing (and perspective) and will be following you. Thanks!


  3. Kathy Shields Says:

    My writing has a style? Wow, In my two years as an aspiring writer/blogger I have evolved from a 98 lb. weakling into Ms. World! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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