Update on Springs Alive Children’s Centre in Uganda

Martin has posted a very positive recent update. Check it out!
clipped from springsalive.blogspot.com

Our Dear Esteemed Readers,
Many thanks for visiting our web page and keeping abreast with issues of Springs Alive! We bring you hearty warm greetings from the children in our care and are delighted to hear from you!
We hope to correspond and bring the little dreams of the children to reality. We have constructed a new classroom block to meet the needs of up to 120 pupils! We are delightful to let you know that our prayers were answered when children from Roathpark extended their generosity in November 2008 with donations for building Springs Alive Children’s Centre (SPACC). Since then, we have been able to build the new class rooms and modify the existing structures to meet the town council requirements.
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One Response to “Update on Springs Alive Children’s Centre in Uganda”

  1. KIMBOWA Ben Says:

    hello, i am glad to get to see yo weband know that you operate in kakiri, wakiso.
    we operate in wakiso s/county with our offices in wakiso town council.
    i would like to to konw of opportunities to get to work together.
    i will be glad as well for you visit our web for details about us.


    Programme Director

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