Small Indications of Big Changes

Have you noticed any small or subtle indicators of big changes in the way technology is impacting people’s lives? I became aware of two instances just this week. A friend of mine who just turned 49, decided that she would join Facebook. She attributed this brazen move to a mini-midlife crisis. I have noticed her friend count is climbing like the mercury in a thermometer in a candy making demonstration. She is sweet on FB and her friend count may rival her daughter’s one day. roo_reynolds_flickr_skype_asleep_3_08

Another sign of change came when a colleague asked me if I’d ever used Skype with a web cam. I laughed gently. Yes, why? I said, she continued, “Well, my husband and I just started talking to our grand daughter on Skype and my son carries around his laptop so we can see her playing in the yard or getting ready for bed.” That’s wonderful I encouraged. “Isn’t it strange, me talking to you about technology?” she demurred. Isn’t it amazing what a little motivation will do to get technophobes acting like pros? I offered. Intrinsic motivation is the key to adopting new methods of communication. People don’t complain about having to learn how to use a cell phone because it’s an absolute necessity. Will Skype become a necessity?

Another teacher friend recently became engaged over Skype! The tragedy is that she didn’t have a webcam on her end. I helped her set one up this week and within minutes she was able to smile directly at her fiance who lives overseas. She finds technology a necessary vehicle to communication. It saves her money and it works. In all three cases these are friends who never naturally gravitated towards technology solutions. They begrudgingly adopted email and learned how to Google but continued the foot dragging until now. The pioneers discovered the new land and the settlers followed. I’m beginning to see some settlers In the land of tech who are establishing some roots. What about you? Have you noticed any signs of change?



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