Power Teaching is New-to-Me

Today I was on a mission to unlock the secrets of teaching reading comprehension. I decided to search youtube and it lead me to discover Power Teaching. Power Teaching is a classroom management approach enabling teachers to maximize student engagement. It started as a reform movement in 1999 so I imagine many seasoned teachers are familiar with the approach but it is new-to-me and I found the numerous how-to video humorous and engaging. This lesson introduces reading comprehension strategies to 4th graders.

I also posted a comment on Chris Biffle’s Power teaching youtube station:

Teaching is a second career for me and I am in my 6th year and my first year in upper elementary-3rd grade. I know my classroom mgt skills are lacking and I am eager to implement your strategies because I am also desperate to ensure my students are all learning. I love the gesturing in concert with learning because it involves kinesthetic processing. The repetition is great for auditory learners and the drama wonderful for creating emotional connections to learning. My only concern is that I am very uncoordinated. You laugh but I have never been able to smoothly replicate even the simplest finger play. I’m afraid I will have students rolling in the isles when I say rule number 2 and my hand shows 4 fingers! What can those of us who have faulty wiring do to compensate?

Are there any power teachers out there who care to share their first hand experiences? If so please comment or link back to a blog post you made relating to Power Teaching in the classroom.


2 Responses to “Power Teaching is New-to-Me”

  1. Power Teaching Critical Thinking: AMAZING STUDENT ENGAGEMENT Video Says:

    […] if (vbc) vbc.style.visibility = ‘hidden’; e.style.backgroundColor = ‘#fff’ }); }); today Power Teaching is New-to-Me trackback from post […Today I was on a mission to unlock the secrets of teaching reading […]

  2. Lynn Says:

    Wow. What an interesting concept. I found myself wanting to be in the classroom!

    I think if you are unable to confidently do the hand actions, you would need to practice, practice, practice in front of a mirror. I think that if you were to do that before trying it out in the classroom, it might help. Practice it like it’s a part in a play until you can do it cold. Practice in front of family as well. I think that once you get one lesson down, others will come easier.

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