Bionic Energy, Yes, You Produce It!

I am very excited by the prospect of producing bionic energy and how it will fare as an alternative energy source compared to solar, wind or biomass technologies. I hold a bit of contempt for organized fitness centers in that people work their butt’s off but they produce no energy, they only expend it. It doesn’t make sense, such a waste of hard labor! If only all of this kind of hard work could be harnessed to power the gym! Perhaps the members could be on some discount plan based on their energy production levels. Yes, these are the kinds of things that keep me up at night and that makes me more than a little weird! So today while I was furthering my investigation of the India based $10 laptop project, I came across the bionic energy harvester produced by a privately held Canadian company. Their tag line says it all. “People are an excellent source of portable power.” Check out this snippet from their home page and then venture off to their url to marvel further!

Biomechanical Energy Harvester

Biomechanical Energy Harvester


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