Must Read: Twitter Experiment Results

Twitter Cures Hiccups
Jenny Gilbert, thank you for making me laugh first thing in the morning! jenny posted the above link in my Diigo educators group and if you have ever wondered how many different ways there are to cure hiccups, you will be nothing short of amazed by the responses David Pogue, NYT technology Reporter received in hi Twitter experiment.

and this is how I get rid of them.

and this is how I get rid of them.

Twitter is for people who need to have their finger on the pulse of the world, at all times. It’s the crack cocaine of instant feedback. I briefly engaged in twittering but found myself overly absorbed in the online dynamics and pulled away to catch my breath. Since then I find myself reconsidering the value of Twitter and wondering, how I could join the collective consciousness of Twitter without getting sucked into the Matrix? Just this week I heard Greta Van Susteren ask viewers to Twitter! Only a few months back in September of 2008, she was steering clear of Twitter due to her already overly connected life. Much as Oprah made Skype a household word/application. It’s possible Greta and other news hounds will find Twitter invaluable in providing leads and making connections with the help of limitless numbers of voices available instantly online.


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