Google Maps Street View

Isn’t this cool?! This street view shows the intersection in front of my school. Look at the Happy Holidays sign in red and the wreaths on the entrance to Lake Windward subdivision across the street. Talk about recent. I wonder who they pay to drive around collecting street view images. I wonder if they are transmitted in realtime. Is there a street view of your school? Now this might actually come in handy during a virtual field trip.

My intersection is nothing compared to this! Why not take a walking tour of Rome, Italy?

Now, enjoy the view from Canterbury, New Zealand

I have discovered that according to Wikipedia, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and parts of France, Italy, Spain and Japan seem to be rapidly acquiring new street view footage. New Zealand was added on December 1, 2008. Here is the informational video by Google about Google Maps.

Google Maps How Features Video

Google Maps How Features Video

Cars equipped with image orbs capturing a 360° view cruise the highways and byways recording footage. I wonder if runners wearing specially outfitted headgear equipped with cameras and a backpack could capture areas off road or in developing countries with very narrow roadways. Enjoy the ride. Myself, I’m off to Anchorage!



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