Think Small! No More LCD Projectors

No more, don’t even think about getting another money grubbing LCD projector that eats watts and bulbs like a ravenous money pit monster. No more, at least not if you’re in the market to make a large scale purchase for your school system. Supply and demand pros now hear this…We schools are tired of being a dumping group for last year’s model, yesterday’s financial disastrous non sellers. Guess what? We want to streamline and save money and provide quality. Personally I think portability, flexibility and lower cost will drive many ensuing educational reforms.

individuate, collaborate, change, change, communicate, diversify, create, REPEAT
individuate, collaborate, change, change, communicate, diversify, create, ONE MORE TIME
individuate, collaborate, change, change, communicate, diversify, create…

If the sage on the stage is a thing of the past then maybe the humongous attention sucking projection screens which have replaced teachers with entertainment may also move over for something that could potentially coincide with the above mantra.

So what’s the fuss? What do I think the next big trend is going to be? I think handheld projectors based on LED technology available for under $400 and with a light source capable of running 15 years will wipe the LCD off the map. That’s less than the replacement cost of some LCD bulbs!

There are several promising alternatives including 3M, Optima and others revolutionizing accessibility to media. Please dispense with the nay saying. I am aware of the current limitations as far as image quality is concerned but the market will drive the needed improvements. In the meantime teachers can focus small group attention without distracting a whole classroom by pinpointing focus to a more convenient location which could even be on a students desktop!

Think small


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