EpicFU and Miro

I downloaded Miro and subscribed to some basic internet tv channels but today I branched out and started looking at the newly posted shows. EpicFu hosted by Zadi Diaz is smart, funny and top quality production. Audio and video are crisp, clear and cohesive. In other words it’s compelling to watch. They put together a “geek culture” … “all about conversation and interaction.” Be prepared to listen intently, you won’t won’t to miss any of Zadi’s incisiveness. Diaz and Woolf make a great team. I recommend, How to make a kick-ass Web Show as an excellent resource supplying you with a list of everything you need to consider to launch your own internet tv production. Watch… The video promotes a learn by doing approach, mentions using Google Docs to work on the script, highlights the importance of quality audio and gives some creative commons/open source resources such as freesound.org, and blender.org. They even mention Johnny Chung Lee and his steady cam invention! Commercials, no, they don’t use promo embeds they do promote sponsors like bookends at the beginning and ending of the show.


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