Can Internet TV Save You Money?

Check out this movie line up on Hulu:

tv and movies

tv and movies

If you have a healthy internet connection and a substantial monitor you have tv without the additional cost of your cable company. I don’t know how this is going to work long term but for now it seems provident to ditch the cable and hook up your computer to the tv as a monitor. Why is it that we have 1 cable coming into our homes and we can be charged for three separate services when the only service we really need is the internet connection?

Another option is fancast.

fancast - tv

fancast - tv


One Response to “Can Internet TV Save You Money?”

  1. FancastFan Says:

    Hi, thanks for the shout-out to Fancast, and, just to note, we have not only offerings from NBC and Fox (Hulu’s parents) but ALSO from all the other major networks and producers, including CBS, ABC, the WB and a ton of cable outlets, including the Viacom channels like Comedy Central (The Daily Show, South Park and The Colbert Report) and even pay channels like Showtime, HBO and Starz.
    Your readers may like to see our constantly growing TV library
    We have great movies too, and, of course, all are free
    Jim (for Fancast)

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