The acronym ICT is frequently used on the other side of the pond and on the other side of the world by educators and refers to Information and Communication Technologies. Here in the states we tend to say Educational Technologies, or edtech. I learned something new whilst attempting to collect the best available teacher resources for interactive whiteboards to enhance my staff development session. We live in a world of acronyms that much I know; and we tag sites with (searchable) keywords. I use numerous search engines and bookmarking methods and know how to carefully comb through their content, however I didn’t realize that I should have also searched using acronyms for things that really don’t officially even deserve acronyms! Consider the term interactive whiteboard. Innocuous and generic.

I thought I was covering all the bases when I engaged in exhaustive searches using every synonym or euphemism imaginable for whiteboard. Well, I discovered a brand new world of search results using the key – IWB, for interactive whiteboard. Now I am sharing this searching tidbit with anyone else who was here-to-fore in the dark. Even interactive whiteboards have an acronym! Who knew? IWB.

A definition for the abbreviation IWB can be found in a post dated 7/6/07 on the blog Visible Procrastinations.


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