Top Twits

Are you familiar with Twitter? I considered it passing fad but apparently it is gaining momentum as more media outlets cover are covering the story. Frequent users will see that my stats indicate a fleeting encounter with Twitter. Top users are so plugged into the their Twitter network they interact non-stop with followers using every available digital communicator to remain in constant contact. They reveal their whereabouts and every passing thought.

These individuals broadcast their inner monologues. Reading their feeds turns you into a fly on the wall and gives them celebrity. Who are these people really? What does it take to amass followers and take a leadership role in introducing them to real valuable sources of information or the latest EdTech trends? Twitter is a form of networking-on-steroids. How else can you text message the entire world instantly and simultaneously?

My MSNBC news feed posted the source of an interesting list of top education-related twitterers to follow if you decide to take the plunge and join the Twitter craze. Jane Hart’s site is full of valuable EdTech resources so be sure to click around after viewing the Twitter list. There are numerous ways to receive twitter feeds and provides a current list. a new media strategy company has this to say about the Pros and Cons of Twitter. Find out for yourself!

Creating this post caused me to revisit Twitter and to check the condition of the 10 foot pole I placed between myself and the world of Twitter. I am happy to say that the distance between myself and Twitter is firmly in place for now. I think the next time I use Twitter I will be attending an EdTech conference or perhaps I will be out on sick leave and curious to discover what’s going on in the EdTech community at that instant. Otherwise, I simply don’t have the time.


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