A Story Telling Experiment

I wish I could retrace my steps and tell you how I found this wiki but unfortunately at the time I just copied and pasted the link into the post and saved it as a draft. It was probably featured on one of numerous blogs in my Google Reader.

A wiki like Wikipedia is a conglomeration of input from a variety of sources. Some say wikis lacks value as a primary source but I happen to think they contain pockets of information that would take me days or weeks to collect on my own. The CogDogRoo is a gem!

Alan Levine who writes the CogDog Blog must have some time on his hands. Either that or he never sleeps! His wiki contains the results from his grand experiment to test every web 2.0 story making tool he could find. He takes a simple story about Domino the dog and translates it into 50 different formats using only web 2.0 tools. A big THANK YOU to Alan for making this invaluable site accessible to students and teachers.



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  1. Technology Seeks Learning Styles. | Loosi's Blog. Says:

    […] Shields blog ‘A story Telling Experiment’  introduced me to a blog by Alan Levine called ‘50+ ways to tell the dominoe […]

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