Ustream.TV Obama Nomination

History in the making, Obama’s nomination speech captivates a nation!
Do you believe in the integretity of the Constitution?  I think it’s like having autopilot on the Boeing 1776USA.  We are all on board for the ride and the course has been set by the Constitution.  The crew consists of Democrats and Republicans, the House and Senate. The President and his family sit in first class.  Does it matter if we have an inexperienced President?  I think what matters are the checks and balances and the backing of the American people. I think the person in the forefront has everything to do with unifying the nation but that it is all of the people in the crew who impact the quality of the ride. 
No one person can claim to have enough experience to run a super power.  No one. So, who will win the election? I have a feeling the Constitution will keep this plane in the air regardless of who wins and I’m counting on it.

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