Last Day of School

I am exhausted. I am happy to be moving to grade 3 but the moving itself is a chore. Our custodian is trying to keep up with the discard pile but it requires more physical strength than any Vegas dealer could ever hope to muster. So much waste, changing curriculum, former teachers leftover plans and copies. So much is just tossed in the trash. Old science and social studies curriculum materials are being shipped off to who knows where? If it’s this bad for us I can only imagine how much surplus there is in the educational publishing industry. I wonder what hapens to this material. Does it end up in the circular file?

If our school has surplus then so do many other schools across the country. Each year we clear out and refresh our stock of texts and materials. I wonder if anyone has found a way to recycle and repackage these materials for the third world. Between shipping costs and import taxes is there really any way to justify sharing these perfectly good materials with students and teachers who barely have a budget for pencils?

If anyone has found a way I would love to hear about how you did it.


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