United Nations = Facebook?

Why do I find this announcement somewhat disturbing and unsettling? Perhaps I am not seeing the big picture. Bill Gates suggests that countries will eventually mandate citizens to have FB accounts with 200 contacts each. I don’t know about you but why do I want a group of political leaders in charge of my personal info? Frankly I think I’m more comfortable with one private company. What do you think? I guess I’m just naturally suspicious but I smell a rat.
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United Nations to Acquire Facebook

March 31st, 2008 · 3 Comments

Bill Gates announced today that the Gates Foundation would settle the US debt to the United Nations, with back interested, through a proposed acquisition of Facebook, Inc. for $14.75 billion – the portion not already purchased by Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) last year.According to Gates, “Social Networking Software has too much potential for both good and evil to be left in the hands of just one company under or one single government”. He feels that by leveraging Facebook.com, youth all over the world can become friends with each other and thus learn of each others differences and similarities. “This is the first step in eliminating poverty and war” said Gates, adding that “together with my Laptop for Every Child program, we can finally envision a world where empathy and peace win out over greed and competition.”

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2 Responses to “United Nations = Facebook?”

  1. ripplingpond Says:

    My birthday is April 1 so I’m entitled to play a few pranks, no?!

  2. skynet Says:

    I dream in the future of state, Facebook can be the future way of state machine.
    I wrote GNU state, Im translating to english, but Im lasy, http://skynetsilverstar.wordpress.com/2008/05/22/estado-gnu/


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