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Several weeks ago during center time I discovered my kindergarten students had access to Youtube.  They were searching for Disney movies, cartoons and apparently a recently posted video of someone’s brother. At first I was simply shocked that our school firewall didn’t catch this since it keeps me from even accessing BubbleShare or any other file sharing site. I informed the students calmly that Youtube is not permitted in school and that they should only use it at home when they are sitting with their parents who can help guide them to make good choices. I got a lot of “why, my parents let me use it at home?” I haven’t taken a poll just yet but I have a hunch that they may not be exaggerating the extent of the freedom they have online in the home.

So I ask you.  How do you feel about free exploration of the internet by children of all ages?  Would you encourage your child to search for funny movies on Youtube?  I need a little perspective and I’m afraid that since my own children are in their late teens, I can’t fully understand the point of you of the young parent. Maybe some of you can help me in this regard.


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3 Responses to “Short Post”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Wow! My kindergarten students have trouble doing anything online. I have a few who know about You Tube but usually it is because an older sibling has shown them something. I truly doubt that any of my kindergarten students would know how to search! Interesting poll though, I will have to ask and find out how many of them know You Tube. It gets popular with my students around second grade.
    On a side note, You Tube has been slipping through our filters lately…I wonder if they have figured out how to sneak by the filters?

  2. Jenni Says:

    As a parent of a kindergarten students and also a pre-service teacher on a Kindergarten class I have a real issue with allowing students to search on Youtube. There are just too many inappropriate movies on Youtube that I would hate to be explaining to children about and the parents when they find out!!!. I don’t think they have the experience to differentiate between funny movies and those which are inappropriate.

  3. Jenni McCarthy’s blog » YouTube for Youngsters Says:

    […] to search the internet and YouTube specifically for movies/information relating to a subject?  Kathy has asked the question because recently in her Kindergarten class students were searching YouTube […]

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