Geocaching is News to Me

Today I experienced an Alphasmart training session prepared and facilitated by a recent PhD in Edtech and Curriculum. Her name, Diana Freeman and she works part time for Alphasmart developing and delivering training. Her other job is sizable. She is the  Media & Instructional Technology Director for Johnston County schools in North Carolina. It sounds like they have a very unified vision for technology in their school system. I will write more about this later. In her spare time she is a philanthropist and a Geocacher. She is the quintessential teacher completely engaged in living, giving and learning.

Diana managed to introduce us to the wide ranging capabilities of Neos, let us play and practice and interspersed activities with vignettes about her passion, Geocaching. I am familiar with this hobby, activity or ‘cult’ but I had never encountered an active participant. She is so active in fact that she left our training session and headed for a Geocache in Alabama! A mother and grandmother, she has the entire family involved. She lives her discovery learning philosophy. She has peaked my interest in technology-based treasure hunting. Has anyone been using this in kindergarten? How’s it going? If like me, you are wondering how Geocaching might enhance your curriculum then read this August post by Silvia Tolisano in her Langwitches blog. Here is The Official Geocaching website. (photo from Bob and Renee on


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3 Responses to “Geocaching is News to Me”

  1. Becky Berry Says:

    I have several friends who do the geocaching with their families. They’ve been all over the southeast on these treasure hunts. The kids have learned all kinds of information about obscure but interesting places.

  2. ripplingpond Says:

    Hi Becky! Thank you for commenting. I searched our zip code and found 100’s of cahes! Today, Diana mentioned that there are meetups all over the US for various groups. It a whole subculture.

  3. What does it take to be an effective teacher? » Learning is a Treasure Hunt Says:

    […] visit to Kathy Shield’s blog revealed a new entry with links to other sites highlighting applications in the classroom.  […]

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