uStreaming, Listening and Blogging

Alan Taylor is now talking about Moodle. I have been trying to uStream when possible but I have some technical limitations. I think I’ll take a photo of my set up and you will understand. Alan seems to be very knowledgeable about the Moodle but he actually likes LoTi as an assessment of teacher tech skills. Personally I haven’t found it to be very accurate. People either over state or understate their abilities. He is giving some excellent reading resources materials which are listed on his website.

Prior to this I was a in a Discovery Ed session with Hall Davidson. (Link contains his ppt which is a large file)He wants teachers to create 2-5 second sound bytes of critical info so that like commercials, if played frequently the students will retain the information. He thinks multi-media is the key to retention and keeping students engaged.

Yesterday, the e-mission group staged a mission to evacuate Montserrat. It was a wonderful simulation using teams, roles, communications, math, LA skills. I don’t know how much it costs but at first glance it’s just a wonderful program for 3rd grade and up. They offer a variety of modules.


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