First time at the FETC

This week Heidi and I will drive down to Orlando to attend the Florida Educational Technology Conference.  My friend Jen Wagner has given me a list of wonderful people to meet and I am looking forward to a dose of inspiration.  Since I am obsessed with the wiiMotes I will undoubtedly make it my goal to find someone who has experimented with the $50 whiteboards. I plan to get the vendor reaction to the wiiMote. I will also see if I can find an XO laptops demo as ours have yet to arrive, and I will look into some eLearning options such as Moodle. Who knows what else I might learn.  Our seven hour drive will be packed with podcasts.  I do my best listening on long drives. We return on Saturday and then Sunday I plan to connect with Jen who will be in Philly for EduCon! Can you say technology integration? My who week will be full of eating, sleeping and breathing technology. My only regret?  Missing Women of Web 2 on Tuesday evening.  Alas we will still be in the car.


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2 Responses to “First time at the FETC”

  1. Jennifer Wagner Says:


    I can’t wait to tag along with you to FETC. If you feel someone sitting on your shoulder, it will be me.

    I need you to be on the lookout for people who have NOT yet been heard that we need to have on WOW2. The teacher who is struggling with great ideas that just needs a handup, an idea that you hear of that needs to be shared, and always, GREAT websites.

    You will be in my prayers and thoughts as you start your drive. I am jealous that I cannot be two places at once……but am pleased that we shall connect on Sunday, for sure.


  2. ripplingpond Says:

    Jen, I will certainly keep an eye out for potential WOW guests and pass their names to you. I was thinking, on the other hand that I should start a ‘friends fo Jen Wagner’ club! Thanks for introducing me in advance. k

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