$50 Interactive Whiteboard

If you have an LCD then your are only $50 away from having a fully interactive white board on any available surface. I watched Johnny Chung Lee of Carnegie Mellon University on youtube as he described his invention and I explored his web pages but I still had questions. Rich White creator of Edusim just posted his own demo on youtube as well. I found it embedded in the classroom 2.0 NING. The video makes it look easy but I was still wondering, “Where’s the catch?”
The video I selected to show you is by Drew McKinney. It plays like a public service announcement for teachers. He compares the use of the wiiMote to the interactive white boards, talks about exactly how to build a pen, exactly how he did the install and mentions the need for a Tech Support person to handle the install. He does all of this in a school. I think I might be able to drum up the $50 and the materials for a pen and then let my kindergarten students help to build some pens. I have a Promethean board and I have been very happy with it but there are many teachers in my school who are not as fortunate and I would love to address this need by offering an inexpensive alternative to the Promethean. I can see it now, Eagle Scout project to create infrared pens for elementary school. It could happen!
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One Response to “$50 Interactive Whiteboard”

  1. Penny Says:

    I have data projectors in my lab and this will be my new project! Feel free to visit my blog which documents my own journey as an educator through cyberspace… http://cyberspaced.blogspot.com/

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