Harnessing a Tiger or Using Technology in the Classroom

Did you ever feel that letting technology loose in the classroom would be like releasing a hungry tiger? I’m not referring to the affable Tony, but rather to the one you fear and revere for it’s strength and beauty. There is a tiger loose in the classroom and it’s ripping through my lesson plans, dismembering the headphones, and forcing me to harness his power in order to control the chaos. I am trying to plan for the second semester and it would be so much simpler to remove technology from the equation but much less exciting.

I wrestle with ways to incorporate voicethread, podcasting, and the like on a regular basis. I don’t want to tame the tiger. I want to use him to enthrall and engage my students. I want them to follow him to new worlds, new ideas and help them grow in their love of learning. Harnessing a tiger is very impracticle so like Pi I must remain in a state of high alert, making changes, and trying to anticipate the highly unpredictable advances which are in our future.


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