What’s in your junk drawer?

This video runs just under an hour but the premise is revealed within the first several minutes. Are you an organizer? What kinds of systems do you use? It isn’t easy particularly for those of use who find themselves struggling with where to put the ‘good’ scissors. Personally I hide them so no one will inadvertently dull them by cutting pizza, the dog’s hair or perhaps sticky contact paper. I hide them and can’t find them when I need them. I do envy the organized individual who know exactly where to find the seldom if ever used … well how should I know? You see this is precisely why I am enjoying David Weinberger’s book, Everything is Miscellaneous! My secret is out, all of my drawers are junk drawers. Weinberger delves deep into the origins or organizational systems.

Whoa to Dewey and his out dated decimal system or what’s his name, the scientist who divided species by invertebrate and vertebrate. A very disparate separation. Each of these people were simply trying to make sense of the world by creating classification systems. So where does this all lead? Why to tagging of course! It is a wonder that tagging came along just in time to help us all create our own personalized, multifaceted classification systems using the internet. If you are very well organized then undoubtedly you will become a proficient tagger as well. While I consider so many things to be miscellaneous I also tag things a bit too indiscriminately. So if your New Year’s resolution is to become more organized… why not begin with a light hearted look at the characteristics of 21st Century organization. I wonder, can I delicious my life?


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