K-12 On-line Conference

I swooped down on the k12 online conference and it left me breathless. My heart is racing the way it races in compulsive gambler entering a casino after a long break. I’ve been tied up with classes and sadly, the edtech world has been zooming along without me. With little time to explore even now as I prepare for my comprehensive exams, I investigated the presentations posted today and landed on one by Konrad Glogowski. He really put blogging with students in perspective for me. He presented a wonderful metaphor for blogging entitled, How to Grow a Blog. The visuals displayed a graphic organizer based on the physical characteristics of a flower. The most compelling aspect of the presentation for me was Konrad’s case for intrinsic motivation via blogging. I plan to visit as many of the presentations as I possibly can in any moment of spare time. The k12 online conference contains the very essence of edtech available on your own time and in your own home. If you listen to any notable presentations please share them with me.


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    […] The K-12 online conference left Kathy Shields breathless. […]

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