Doing my part to promote Pangea Day

My update notified me of a special media event in the not-so-distant future. May 8, 2008 will become the world’s first official Pangea Day. The video is circulating via youtube as well as the website. Visit, and you too may be moved by the images and the visionary idealism that despite the superficial power structure keeping the world population at odds. Positive images and messages of authentic examples of unity among all people may turn the tide of divisiveness that keeps humankind dependent on wars and threats to maintain some semblance of balance in the world. We’ll see, on May 8, 2008. Jehane Noujaim is a controversial filmmaker who seeks to understand people by listening to them. She isn’t listening with an agenda. Her goal seems to be one I have had for myself lately. It is to be present with people and experience them and listen to their heart. That is the kind of listening and communicating that leads to trust and understanding. I think she’s onto something.


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