Know these names, Rhee and Fenty?

Channel surfing tonight led me to a C-Span interview of Michelle Rhee the new Chancellor of W.D.C. schools.  Fenty the new mayor sought her out and pledged to support her with a nearly unconditional fervor. She started her role in June 2007. Fenty barely in his mid 30’s, an attorney and graduate of Howard University, waged an intensive door-to-door campaign in the city and won across racial lines.  He is a fresh face and he is building his team with people who are not afraid of change or hard work, namely, Rhee. I lived in DC during the Marion Barry years and despite his best intentions and his personal commitment to education he succumbed to corruption and vice failing the children in DC city schools.  I hope Fenty and Rhee have the integrity of steel.  If so they will become my heroes because they are champions for education.  They are committed to doing what is best for students. I sincerely hope they can turn our national disgrace into national treasure. Our nations capital should be a beacon and not a blight when it comes to education.  They have much to overcome but with vision, leadership and the ability to make difficult decisions I truly think Fenty and Rhee will make a winning combination.


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