Where does the time go?

meThe whirlwind of preplanning and the first week of school followed three days of Promethean training delivery. I started my last set of grad classes. Wake me up in November! I am very excited about my new crop of kindergarteners. They are bright, outgoing and they enjoy communicating. The question is, how do I harness their energy? How do I help them to maximize their learning potential with the aide of technology? A new toy arrived today, FrontRow. I set it up and in case you aren’t familiar with this product, it’s a wireless mic and speaker combo with crystal clear sound. The students loved hearing their voices over the speakers.

It is now the end of the third week of school and I have yet to compile a podcast. I recorded students describing the morning routines and played them for parents at curriculum night. I video taped but haven’t edited some footage of students working independently during centers. My mantra is: listening, speaking, reading, responding and viewing designed for multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles within specific cultural contexts. Teaching, so simple, NOT!

I have been updating my classroom blog for parents frequently but with everything else I have to do, making the concerted effort to fully integrate technology seems monumental. Sure I have the students keyboarding on the Neos, using kidpix and pbskids and Starfall.com. They even experiment with the Promethean board but these things are all peripheral. I know it’s only week three but…

I am hosting a KSU student who is preparing for student teaching. I helped her set up a blog to record her reflections. She is a second career teacher, mom and has experience as a pre-k teacher. She engaged the children immediately. She hasn’t had much technology in her program unless you count MS Office. No mention of blogs and wikis. She told me that her next course will cover how to make a webquest. Hmmm is this the same college that houses our Regional Educational Technology Center? Yes, it is.

This year my principal gave me a web committee. They shared their vision for the purpose of the school website and I shared some ways I thought we could acomplish our goals. I asked my three members to do the following: Register for gmail, bubblshare, pbwiki and weebly. One small step for teacher kind! I promised to explain how we’d be incorporating these tools in our next meeting. Right now these are the web 2 tools I use most often. I try all the new things that come along but when it comes down to it my tool box has many compartments but I keep the ones I need most readily available.

I look back at my ramblings and realize I must be very tired and preoccupied. Somebody out there give me a little inspiration!


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