Mahalo, for making it personal

Fast Company magazine recently covered Jason Calcanis’s latest venture; an attempt to take over the world…of search. The shiny ‘Alpha’ search engine douses traditional search engine optimization with the spray from it’s staff of surfers he calls ‘guides’.mahalo link Guides are employees who design custom search results harnessing the best of what you’re looking for without meaningless 10,000 search results of old. Calcanis the web-log heir, is attempting to beat Google at their own game.

As far as I’m concerned, it may be better in theory than practice. I think I can safely say that my interests represent the edutech and edublogger community. Not surprisingly , mahalo for nothin’, these tags yield little more than a typical Google search. And why shouldn’t they? Exactly my point. With guides creating custom search results for the top searches such as “How to Speak German”, it may be a while before they tackle the edublogger community. See for yourself.

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