Virtual Communities and Community Gardens

What do virtual communities and community gardens have in common? Like thriving community gardens, robust virtual communities must welcome people who share a common vision and allow them to grow and build something beautiful, fruitful and self sustaining. Below is part of my post to the recent Techlearning blog post by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach. The quintessential 21st century educator, Sheryl knows how to start a conversation and keep it rolling. This time she tackles the mysterious underpinnings of successful virtual communities. Why do so many of them snap crackle and pop? Full of well documented examples of research based models, this post is compelling. I dare you not to respond!

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… that to me defines a real community. I have been out of the loop lately with my classes but I know that any time I step back into the fertile soil of worldbridges I will grow a little more as an educator. I also know that my input has value. They don’t have a real hierarchy. It’s clear who has the most experience but the respect is divided equally among all participants. So if you build it…is not enough. I think you have to build something that everyone can own, share and take responsibility for. Think of it as a community garden.

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One Response to “Virtual Communities and Community Gardens”

  1. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Says:

    I really like this idea and think it has merit enough that you need to try and flesh it out into some kind of visual.

    Thanks for adding such depth to the conversations on TL

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