Progress Made – PTA Wiki Solution

I was sitting at the front desk today speaking to a colleague about our training date fiasco when in walked a PTA mom. She was delivering a hard copy of the PTA newsletter. “Good morning.” I strained to say sweetly, trying to control my New Jersey urge to forgo all pleasantries and just blurt out a demand. The south has taught me to be somewhat more restrained but I still have that bulldozer edge at times. I was dying to ask her if she was the new newsletter editor and would she mind me showing her how to upload the newsletter to the new school wiki. I waited a few minutes and caught her on her way out the door. She said she had been instructed to email me a pdf copy of the newsletter so I could post it to the website. This was the opening I’d been waiting for. I asked her if she had a few minutes (she did) and in under 5 minutes I had created a PB wiki newsletter page, trained her, sent her the pw and link and she was off! She went straight home and uploaded the newsletter and updated the PTA board roster! This must be my lucky day. If only everything could be so easy. My next mission is to get the front office secretaries on board with the wiki. They may not be as willing because they may feel less prepared to deal with a website and more used to email. I’m praying for patience and some soothing southern persuasion to keep this wiki moving in the right direction. You see, I’m really just empowering people to own the web. Right?


4 Responses to “Progress Made – PTA Wiki Solution”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    So sorry that we didn’t get to talk this weekend —

    BUT — in regards to this post — WAY TO GO

    Congratulations on your success — and this parents success too!!


  2. Rachel Boyd Says:

    I love it…. success for you in the reduction of workload and success for your PTA lady – you have empowered her and made her skilled and confident enough to do the job herself.

    Well done – all’s well that ends well 😉

  3. Wesley Fryer Says:

    GREAT work! Every PTA needs a saavy communicator like you to empower others to directly post and share their work online. Way to go!

  4. Julia Says:

    Hi, I know that this post is almost a year old, but I was doing research while trying to plan a wiki for our PTA since they are using email to conmmunicate and it’s not very effective. I am a geek and have used wikis for years, but I always run into resistance initially and now I am working with less tech-savy folks so I was wondering what your success has been like? I do like very much the explanations you put on your main page – very succinct and accessible. Thanks in advance if you have any advice to share from lessons learned.

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