Laughter and PD

brainsurgery modifedDon’t you just love it when someone makes you laugh? I know I do. I especially like it because I can’t tell a joke to save my life. In my quest for training angles for my adult learners I came across a post from the HeadRush blog. Even is you are teaching young students these are words of wisdom to keep in the forefront of your mind when forming a lesson. It made me chuckle. Not just the cartoon but the rest of the content as well. More importantly, it made sense. I love the analogy he uses to describe the learner as someone on a heroes journey. I don’t want to put my heroes on a tour bus and keep them cooped up for hours as I ramble on about Promethean’s great new features. I would prefer to go on the adventure with my learners, teacher meets wild?

Out in the wilds of the web I spent some time on the brand new promethean learning/us site.  Anyone can sign up and take a series of screencast -like tutorials followed by two promethean us trainingassessments.  Promethean considers these skills to be foundational.  I did manage to pass after the second attempt. OK so I’m a little rusty and you must make 100%. The great feature of this training is that they index the review for you. For example you miss a question. The screen pops up a window containing the Topic and tutorial number to refer back to for the answer.  Each tutorial is bitesized and brief but completely interactive. It was a great refresher for me and I think it will prove an invaluable resource for any teacher who is a little foggy after the initial training or like, a little rusty.promethean us training info If you use an interactive whiteboard, how much time do you spend creating your own flipcharts? I’m curious if you are more likely to download and existing chart and modify it or just start from scratch.

Note: The cartoon is haf of the original image found on the headrush blog. I googled it and also found it on a second blog. I don’t know the origin. if you do, please let me know.

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