New, The Blogger Cafe

EduBloggers continue the conversations they have been sharing on-line and in person at NECC07.  The Blogger Cafe. It’s in real life and Second Life! Jen Wagner and Ryan Bretag have created this three dimensional venue for chatting about edtech.  It promises to be more than lip service because they are asking people in the trenches to share their experiences. Like many of you, I am in the trenches as a kindergarten teacher, but I am also a leader in my school of using technology in innovative ways. I’m hoping to spread my brand of edtech fever.  Read more on the blogger’s cafe.  My post is Puzzled.

Below is a quote from my rant about the puzzling slowness of change when it comes to adopting newer and better ways of educating children.

“What caused this mass apathy and how can we change it? Should we start having edtech concerts simultaneously around the world to let people know how seriously they should take our educational climate crisis? It sounds funny but I think we may have to think bigger than baby steps. Maybe the edubloggercon should become the EduBlogger Concert!” 

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